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I am so glad you are here and I am very excited to work with you! Gracing My Space is a professional organizing, decorating and home staging company located in central Iowa. I started this business to help create beautiful, inspiring and functional spaces for your home.​  

I believe that our homes should rise up to meet us in every way possible.  We all lead busy day to day lives that can be overwhelming for so many different reasons.  It’s time you stopped feeling stressed with those day to day decisions, whether it be what color to paint the walls or how to prepare and stage your home to sell.  You might also be dealing with those overflowing closets and endless piles of paper. Whatever your situation is I want you to know that I truly care about people and want to help. Showing kindness and grace is what I do, I have a great deal of compassion for people and just want to give you that special place to come home too.  We all deserve a place of comfort, inner peace and joy.   

​Please let me know how I can help you!!

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Check out my services page to see how I can best assist you!

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